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CORNET eco2production ecological and economical production

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Das Projekt umfasst 4 Bereiche die sich Gliedern in:

·         Energie Monitoring

·         Maschinen/Prozess Benchmark

·         Simulation und Energieplanung

·         Energiemanagement



Development of models, methods and tools for improvement of the energy and economic efficiency in production companies


Energie Monitoring

·         Development of a holistic concept for implementing an e-monitoring systems


Maschinen/Prozess Benchmark

·         Development of a method for a machine/process benchmark that will be able to find the most energy efficient way to produce a defined product in a given workshop.


Simulation Energieplanung

·         Development of a discrete simulation tool for the analysis of interdependencies  between energy efficiency and productivity



·         Development of energy management system modules by consideration of branches and company size.



·         The project eco2production is not a consulting project

·         The operative implementation of project results is not part of this project


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